Drift Master Rod Locker

Tim Blackley Driftmaster Pro Staff Tangled lines and broken tips are always a problem when you rig your equipment ahead of time. Many rods wont fit in rod boxes standard on many boats. The need for something to keep pre-rigged rods from tangling and the tips apart goes without saying. Driftmaster makes a range of rod racks from the #600 Rod Rester to custom racks, but now we have taken rod organization to the nest level. The #RL-175 Rod Locker not only organizes pre-rigged rods and keeps the tips apart; it has a removable cover that locks in place, securing your expensive rods to the boat. The Rod Locker can keep up to 8 rods tangle free and protected from theft. The 26 gage metal top covers the reel seats securing the rods and the reels. The top cover is held in place by a stainless rod and pad lock. It has an 8″ vertical stem to help clear boat hatch lids. The tip section protects rod tips by keeping them isolated, and mounts separately to accommodate different rod lengths and boat configurations. The Rod Locker is coated with a protective rubber coating. It can easily be removed from boat when not in use.

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