Tim Blackley Goes Under Cover For Fall Crappie

Phillip Gentry

While Tim Blackley of Hornbeak, Tennessee might be a high profile individual, he fishes under cover to catch crappie during the fall.

Question: Tim, you fish several lakes throughout the Mid-South both for fun and while fishing tournaments. What does it take to catch crappie this time of year?

Blackley: Over the last 60 days I have fished here at home on Reelfoot, further north on Kentucky Lake and several of the north and central Alabama lakes and crappie on all of these lakes are doing just about the same thing. They have come off their summer pattern, moved out of the deep water and are feeding up pretty hard getting ready for colder weather. About all of the crappie we’ve caught were keying on baitfish, but to consistently catch fish, we’ve had to be right in some type of cover.

Question: Generally speaking, what water depths are you catching crappie in now?

Blackley: Well, Reelfoot tends to be unique because it is so shallow, but on Kentucky Lake and most of the others, we’ll pull up to brush that’s in the 10 – 14 foot depth range. Our water temperatures are in the upper 60’s, so the fish are moving shallower with the cooler nights. That movement will continue for several more weeks until the water cools off to around 60 degrees. By then, they’ll turn around and head back to deeper water for the winter.   Read More >

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